Alexa Wright – after image – 1997

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During a collaboration with the neurologist John Kew and the neuropsychologist Professor Peter Halligan to research and visualise phantom limbs, I interviewed and photographed eight people with amputated limbs. I then made a series of photographs of each person interviewed. People are photographed in their own homes. A ‘straight’ portrait is included in each series to ‘normalise’ the more bizarre images of phantoms. Exhibited beside each set of images is a text, derived from the interview, in which each person describes the history of their phantom limb experience. The work aims to question what is normal and to investigate the relationship between identity and the body in order to challenge public attitudes to physical differences and disabilities


Nikolay Biryukov

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editorial from Pigeons and Peacocks Mag issue 5 August 2012



his fashion portfolio… click here for PDF of it



Gregory Crewdson

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Gregory Crewdson


Cig Harvey

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UK born – ‘using colour, gesture and space to seduce the imagination…an attempt to capture moments of uncertainty’ – Aesthetica Magazine – Aug/sep 2012


Matthew Barney – Cremaster 3

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Cremaster 3 – 2002 – Matthew Barney

watch from 0.36 -1.10 – cars section

Barney plays the Entered Apprentice and his opponents include the Order of the Rainbow for Girls (who look a lot like the Rockettes), Agnostic Front and Murphy’s Law (two New York Hardcore bands), Aimee Mullins, and Richard Serra. Molten Vaseline, dental surgery, a demolition derby by vintage Chrysler Imperial New Yorker cars and a gorgeous creature who is half-cheetah/half woman all figure in this latest edition of Matthew Barney’s fever dream. Much of the action takes place in two New York landmarks, the Chrysler Building and the Guggenheim Museum, as well as at the Saratoga Racetrack (upstate NY), the Giant’s Causeway (Ireland) and Fingal’s cave (the Scottish Isle of Staffa).

Cronenberg – Crash – 1996

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Akif Hakan Celebi

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Turkish Artist – ‘ability to create images that stand on the frontier between the true and false, the real and unreal, the certain and the uncertain’ – Aesthetica Magazine – Aug/sep 2o12


images from series entitled ‘the housemaid’



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image tests

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source – landscape

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