Yves Gellie

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French born, Yves Gellie studied medicine at the University of Bordeaux. He practiced tropical medicine in Gabon before beginning his career in photography. Yves’ work lies between documentary and contemporary art and he has developed a style described as an iconographic selection of the reality underlying day-to-day life and its trivial aspects.

Day after day, we give more and more power to machines for example decisions, judgements, intervention and memory, to a point where our dependence has become increasingly obvious.




Hyungkoo Lee

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This is art. Human body, modifications – no metal parts. No robots. But, nevertheless really interesting works. This works are showing for me, that modification is a natural and integrated part of robots design – so natural, that we even do not think about it after all.

Objectuals is the name of this series from Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee. They are objects, that allow to modify the human body in an optical way. Although only “harmless” (in the real sense of the word-meaning) modifications were made, using optical effects, water and vacuum, the bodies look scary, alien and maybe disgusting. A mixture of nightmare, jewellery, mutation and disguise. If we would meet them and they would be robots,

from http://www.eggshell-robotics.com/blog/298-hyungkoo-lee-korean-artists-with-body-modifications –

Florid Kaayk

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Metalosis Maligna is a documentary about a disease that affects patients with medical implants. Metalosis Maligna occurs when a metal implant interacts badly with human body tissue, causing the metal to grow tendrils, which eventually puncture the skin from within and destroy it. The movie shows the development of the disease from its early stages through to the gory advanced stages, by which point entire sections of flesh have fallen away and all that is left is a skeleton of scrap metal.

Alexa Wright – after image – 1997

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During a collaboration with the neurologist John Kew and the neuropsychologist Professor Peter Halligan to research and visualise phantom limbs, I interviewed and photographed eight people with amputated limbs. I then made a series of photographs of each person interviewed. People are photographed in their own homes. A ‘straight’ portrait is included in each series to ‘normalise’ the more bizarre images of phantoms. Exhibited beside each set of images is a text, derived from the interview, in which each person describes the history of their phantom limb experience. The work aims to question what is normal and to investigate the relationship between identity and the body in order to challenge public attitudes to physical differences and disabilities


Nikolay Biryukov

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editorial from Pigeons and Peacocks Mag issue 5 August 2012





his fashion portfolio… click here for PDF of it



Gregory Crewdson

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Gregory Crewdson


Cig Harvey

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UK born – ‘using colour, gesture and space to seduce the imagination…an attempt to capture moments of uncertainty’ – Aesthetica Magazine – Aug/sep 2012