initial brief and inspirations

The Surreal Psychogeographies of Impossible Simulation

 Hyperreality, Simulation and Whitewash


 ‘Ours is rather like the situation of a man who has lost his shadow: either he has become transparent, and the light passes right through him or, alternatively, he is lit from all angles, overexposed and defenseless against all sources of light… exposed on all sides to the glare of technology, images and information, without any way of refracting their rays… we are doomed to whitewashing of all activity – whitewashed social relations, whitewashed bodies, whitewashed memory – to a complete aseptic whiteness – violence is whitewashed, history is whitewashed, all as a part of a vast cosmetic surgery at whose completion nothing will be left but a society for which all violence, all negativity is forbidden – plunged into a realm of endless simulation.’

 Jean Baudrillard 1990



We already assume the reproducibility of everything, since it is not the reality of these simulations that we imagine (in fact, we no longer “imagine” in the same sense as before; both the imagined and the real are equally hyperreal, equally both reproducible and already reproductions themselves), but the reproducibility thereof. We do not imagine them reproduced for us, since the original image is itself a reproduction—rather, we perceive the model, the simulation.


is used in semiotics and postmodern philosophy to describe an inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality, especially in technologically advanced post-modern societies. Hyperreality is a way of characterizing what our consciousness defines as “real” in a world where a multitude of media can radically shape and filter an original event or experience.


Previous work has touched upon ‘hyperreality’ and ‘simulation’ in that it explored the notion of actual ‘real’ verses ‘reality’; offering a simulation of reality but only on a pictorial, representational level to endear an uncanny sense or to challenge the origin perception of the territory and/or intent of the subjects and locations. This series of works hopes to extend the content of the images to comment more on the ‘surreal – hyperrealities’ of experience, memory, location etc and the ‘reproduction’ and ‘simulation’ [and the inherent simulacrum] of the original referent – the photograph [and in particular the ‘manipulated’ image] is the perfect vehicle; the ultimate in ‘simulation’.


  • Fatality v Reproduction,
  • Cloning,
  • Prosthetics,
  • ‘Whitewashing’,
  • Sterilization,
  • Simulation,
  • Hyperreality
  • Memory

 Nothing is unique or the original, nothing is separate – decreasing difference; everything is an artificial or ‘whitewashed’ addition, recollection, or reproduction; everything is in trans-existence; differences between the sexes, the social classes, the west and the east, man and machine, trans-political and trans-economic systems, freedom, ‘democracy’ and oppression, good and evil, live or dead – distinctions are blurred; variances are discouraged; in a constant global ‘positive’ flux but constrained – placate history, pacify sexual, political, social differences.

Using the surreal psychogeographies of places/people/objects [morgue, funeral parlors, scarp yards etc] explore the juxta-postioning of some of these themes –

  • The simulation, whitewashing and sterilisation of death in a funeral parlour/morgue
  • The decay/reproduction/cloning of a scrap yard
  • The contemporary simulation of the perception and images ‘sex’ itself and sexuality
  • The simulation and sterilisation of politics, difference, social behaviours
  • The simulation of intelligence, interaction, free will assigned to our relationship with them
  • The simulation of experience and history
  • The simulation of religion and faiths

Max Power modified car and girls !!

clones, holograms, the same

Wendy Mcmurdo



crash – cronenberg film


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