PhD seminar

Theatre of Visions – Robert Wilson, Richard Foreman

  • narrative out of movement
  • progression of movement

Bergerson – 1870 -1940 – philosopher

Bergson rejected what he saw as the overly mechanistic predominant view of causality (as expressed in, say, finalism). He argued that we must allow space for free will to unfold in an autonomous and unpredictable fashion. While Kant saw free will as something beyond time and space and therefore ultimately a matter of faith, Bergson attempted to redefine the modern conceptions of time, space, and causality in his concept of Duration, making room for a tangible marriage of free will with causality. Seeing Duration as a mobile and fluid concept, Bergson argued that one cannot understand Duration through “immobile” analysis, but only through experiential, first-person intuition.

Bergson’s other philosophical concepts include Élan vital, or the living, creative force that he saw as driving evolution and also as showing up in mankind’s impulse to create[citation needed]. Bergson also discussed the nature and mechanism of laughter.


  • energy, external and internal states
  • ‘conversation of being’

‘when internalised is recognised we use language to objectify – which breaks it’

Wilson – Deafman glance – seminal work – deaf/mute child communicates in images

‘progression of states’ – privileged moments

PhD – present past [impro movement scripts] offer future

Sean Gallagher – gesture becomes before words  –

  • stillness
  • repetition
  • inconsistency

modes of performance

  • instrumental
  • semiotic
  • immersive

research orbs – radiating from work ‘planet’

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