seminar – 17/4/12 – modern to postmodern – off the grid



architectual style – adding humour, ref to other.

diffrent set of values added onto

individual, personal, ornamentation

capitalism always looking for innovation, new products/technology – move things faster… economics too


  • aesthetic
  • economic
  • political
  • gender

grids – control structure, hierarchical, military, male

encourage difference – social / culture

beat the white with the red wedge – russian constuctivism – Eliezer (El) Markowich Lissitzky




steinberg brothers

battleship potempkin


bauhaus – walter gropeus

‘less is more’ – modernism strips away

social planning – urban engineering on the grid – Chicago/Milton keynes


international style of modernism


new tech/speed.glamour/fims

raymond lowe – train

coke building – ocean liner


1930s – art deco – aspirational, highlife, lights,

swiss modernism –  1957 helvetica – mas meidinger

armin hofman

grapus – sub culture

accidental/mistakes acknowledged/process – not in modernism

extra layers – physically and conceptually


global capitalism – 1980s

postmodern me

modernism – them

wim crouwell – designer

american late modernism pstr

willi kunz – 85 / 01

wolfgang reinhart – pierce the picture plane

david carson – 1990 – grunge graphics

breaking rules, tribal identity, typography games


without reason – random elements


random boewolf – font – changes

neville brody – cnd, red wedge – postmodern with contructivism


the face mag




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