Gilles Deleuze – A for animals

useful quotes/notes

becoming animal
familiar animals

for example children have a  relationship with cats that is not human

an animal relationship to an animal, animal is not there to talk

an animal being in a dream is analysed by psychoanalysis as the image of the father, mother or child… which turns the animal into a family member

every animal has a world, many people do not have a world, they love the life of everyone’s life

animal life – it is soemtimes extroadinarily limited

animals react to very few things

specific, peculiar worlds, the poverty of those worlds, the reduced character



idea of, is nearly the birth of art… making marks… anal glands, urine, postures, singing, colours, creating borders

leaving territory means to venture itself

recognise inside territory but not outside – link to images expressions

deterritorialisation – vector of reterritorialisation somewhere else – as above

emit signs

what a animal is , is being on the lookout, when eating etc..


~ by mrtbrown on April 22, 2012.

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