seminar – 14/03/12 – copyleft and creative commons, freelancing

who owns intellectual property?

peter sunde – pirate bay

julien assange – interview – guardian

‘the network is greater than a hierarchy’



  • what is it I do ?
  • why should my customers care?
  • why do they want it ?
  • how do you meet their demand?
  • keep fresh
  • constant innovation
  • keep informed of the competition
  • not producing for you, its for the customer
  • have a vision for the business
  • communicate your practice clearly – textiles – online shop – free

self promo

  • needs to be unique
  • what is original about you?
  • high quality packages
  • innovate

katherino manolesso/otto


Tom Gauld


online promo


social network – facebook, tweeter, flickr

link to design sites

add comments on blogs

network on creative sites


30 self promo tips-

add a feedback form ?

NESTA – creative enterprise toolkit



  • how you work
  • how you want to be received
  • how you interact with customers


also wee





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