Dieter Roth / Björn Roth, Oddor Roth: Gartenskulptur
Hamburger Bahnhof – Berlin 2012

Glass display cabinet

Wooden letterpress tray


similar concept to –

mark dion – thames dig – collections of site specific objects
Mark Dion is an explorer, naturalist, archaeologist, botanist, historian, and artist all rolled into one. His recent art actions and museum installations have focused on archaeological digs at unusual sites, deemed “historically insignificant” by local historians. A recent dig on the bank of the Thames River in London revealed interesting, if not significant, objects such as medicine bottles, animal bones, pottery shards, and several messages in bottles. As with other dig recoveries, Dion categorized the Thames material and presented it in curiosity cabinets (a term describing the display cases used for cultural artifacts and oddities in the seventeenth century) at the Tate Museum in London. Unlike an archaeologist who scientifically classifies objects to reveal their historical significance, Dion creates his own categories that may tell us more about contemporary culture than that of the past-color, for example, may put a sixteenth century, yellow porcelain fragment next to a Juicy Fruit gum wrapper
















USE QR CODES to link to images on net… put up in places  with images or installations.

~ by mrtbrown on March 4, 2012.

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