Book discourse – development

Book discourse – ideas development and quote bank

Look but don’t touch –

The relentless, mischievous, green-eyed monster of consumer craving…

The prize is tagged, chained and locked, then shielded by thick glass, wire mesh, shutters and guards. Look but ONLY touch when you are deemed worthy [by who?]… however, of course, this worthiness can be circumnavigated… you could:

  1. just save [I know, maybe a little old fashioned]
  2. sell your soul to the ‘merciful’ allure of the hire purchase deal or credit offer
  3. steal it

but simply coveting seems the most recurrent response.

Could it be said that ‘advertising’ [the reasonably ‘attainable’ but still ‘luxurious’ products] only serves to make those who can’t afford to play the consumer-credit game [the ‘average’ worker, the unemployed youth, the unskilled labourer] even more aware of their actual or probable ‘shortcomings’…

Offering a slick blend of ‘envy’ branding with safe bourgeois protectionism.

A Guardian Newspaper polled many rioters after the disturbances in England in 2011, many of those interviewed conceded that it was:

‘an opportunity to acquire goods and luxury items they could not ordinarily afford’

Of course ‘advertising’ cannot be held responsible for the riots… but maybe its osmotic, subtly Machiavellian methods gave the rioters a unified focus for their ‘sociological’ retribution.

Its perfect mummy

Give the little girl a littler girl. Prepare her for her unshakable future.

Start with simple make-up tips and how to keep slim. Stress the importance of finding a mate and having that all year round ‘healthy’ glow. Let her follow [be dragged] towards her ambitions and dreams. Let her watch X factor; buy her a Karaoke machine. Tell her she can do anything she wants, tell her ‘how’ she looks help though ! Tell her sunbeds are bad for her skin but tell her fake tan looks as good. Tell her that she can enhance her assets at will [given the funds], tell her a credit card can do this [at will]. Our plastic idol [in more ways than one]. Tell her celebrity is her goal… although is everyone’s goal. Tell her she can get on TV even with no discernable talent. Success, job done.

They want to be WAGs and famous like Cheryl Cole and Lady Gaga. I’m just supporting her and making her dreams come true.’

Read more:

Recycle me please

What actually gets ‘recycled’ or ‘discarded’?


Organised religion?

Unwanted pregnancies?

What shaped hole would you cut?

Like an oversized, city council sponsored Fisher-Price ‘Baby’s First’ blocks toy… Encourages coordination and shape learning.

Bin comes with a total of 10 colourful shaped blocks [actual gun, religion and unwanted pregnancy not included].

Suitable for ages 6 months and over.

A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy.

John Sawhill, former president of The Nature Conservancy

No waiting at any time

Waiting restrictions indicated by yellow lines apply to the carriageway, pavement and verge.

Double yellow lines mean no waiting at any time.

No one waits or lingers here… [apart from the muted,  minimalistic humanoid doodle]   few even glance or acknowledge it.

The poetically poignant law categorically, yet coincidently, is the prefect précis for its lonely existence.


‘I have always looked upon decay

as being just as wonderful and rich

an expression of life as growth.’

Nenry Miller, American Author and Writer

St Thomas street

The scribbling on the walls [not sure we can call it graffiti]

had a harmless, haphazard, unsteady handed, childlike quality to it…

like the incoherent burbling of a new born.

Nothing offered any malice.

The armchair, though shabby and torn still looked inviting and comfortable.

The sun drenched grass transformed into a deep shag pile carpet…

A Pop-up book – its generic umbrella term is a ‘Movable Book’

Movable – synonyms






This list perfectly embodies the personal impressions gained through a

Psychogeographical derive.

‘Unfold a street map, place a glass, rim down, anywhere on the map,

and draw round its edge. Pick up the map, go out into the city, and

walk the circle, keeping as close as you can to the curve. Record the

experience as you go, in whatever format you favour: film, photograph,

manuscript, tape. Catch the textual run-off of the streets; the graffiti, the

branded litter, the snatches of conversation. Log the data-stream. Be

alert to the happenstance of metaphors, watch for visual rhymes,

coincidences, analogies, family resemblances, the changing moods

of the street. Complete the circle, and the record ends.

Walking makes the content; footage for footage.’

Children must not play on this site.

The ‘play-mat’ governed not by free will or free space … but perversely by a strict road system – demarcated into exacting zones of activity: living [rich and poor], leisure, education, shopping… and many, many parking spaces. All the bourgeois notions of everyday life encapsulated perfectly in one metre squared.

A child’s play-mat: made by men who have forgotten how to ‘play’ [on a mat or otherwise]? What happens to the toys when they leave the confines of the play-mat? Do they cease to exist in the same world as those still happily parked up? Do they fall into a parallel universe with no roads or visible boundary limits; free to explore… or does the expanse of the carpet encircling the protected realm become liminal places of no consequence… or once departed from the safe zone do they simply become redundant?

There are many places [and people] like this.

‘The dictatorship of the automobile, pilot-product of the first phase of commodity abundance, has been stamped into the environment with the domination of the freeway, which dislocates old urban centres and requires an ever-larger dispersion’

Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle

Please feed the animals.

‘Go on, up you go. They won’t bite. Feed them; Feed them’

That’s what we hear… but be warned; they will bite… they will bite the hand that feeds.

A crude business, take, take , take – they crave your attention, they frenzy on your material pleas

They make the rules, they guard their ‘hard won’ market share, their balance [d] sheets, their patents [most pending], their ratings, they judge

Badaltearing Safari Park, China: visitors can purchase live chickens to throw into the lion pen… a goat if your funds allow.

How far are we from this as an extreme reality TV show [patents pending?]

‘whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture’

allen ginsberg

zoo visitors can throw live goats into the lions’ enclosure and watch them being eaten, or can purchase live chickens tied to bamboo rods for the equivalent of 2 dollars\euros to dangle into lion pens. Visitors can drive through the lion’s compound on buses with specially designed chutes leading into the enclosure into which they can push live

chickens. In the Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Mountain Village near Guilin in south-east China, live cows and pigs are thrown to tigers to amuse visitors.[44][45] In the Qingdao zoo, visitors engage in “tortoise baiting”, where tortoises are kept inside small rooms with elastic bands round their necks, so that they are unable to retract their heads. Visitors then throw coins at them. The marketing claim is that if you hit one of them on the head and make a wish, it will be fulfilled


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