derive – cheltenham, alley next to old odean..

many PG responses – IKEA photo shoot, too clean, too calm,

flower, jacket, cabinet… looks lived in

add in family items – picture frames, fridge magnets, family dog,

kids doodles

south end- weird atmosphere – hostile..

stairs to what? what was behind… had caged feel

looks like Tv recess in a lounge – add TV,

community viewing area –  currys, – ref riots,

consumerism, spectacle, cctv

yellow hand print !, hindley, famous myra pianing with hand prints…

window looks like a puppet theatre

punch and judy ?

backmasking – play your music backwards to hear the hidden message

myra hindly in this one !! use for film edit

The Kingston Trio – Tom Dooley – 1958

1m 23s this man with Myra – Hindley
1m 28s Ann worked with the ***
1m 31s this man with Myra – kidnapped

1m 55s dae those masked men
1m 57s we were almost — — are nursing them
2m 01s those masked men – named Michael –

2m 07s sarah puts him away – hell have no chance
2m 11s Our Shonas taken that interview
2m 13s seen in Niddrie (Niddry)




use energy efficincy tabelm as a PG arting chart and estate agents

architectural drawing –  as selling it as property

~ by mrtbrown on January 17, 2012.

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