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(also named Flexibilism) is the name given to the dominant system of economic production, consumption and associated socio-economic phenomena, in most industrialized countries since the late 20th century. It is contrasted with Fordism, the system formulated in Henry Ford’s automotive factories, in which workers work on a production line, performing specialised tasks repetitively.

Alison Barnes

Alison Barnes’ work attempts to reveal the hidden narratives of place and move beyond a skeletal landscape of statistics. Using an ethnographic research methodology, she seeks out human interventions within urban space of a low-tech, personal or vernacular nature. These findings are communicated visually through a variety of methods – cartography, typography and photography – and enable a re-reading of the complexities of everyday life.
After ten years as a senior lecturer and researcher in higher education, Alison is currently undertaking an AHRC funded full-time PhD at London College of Communication, University of the Arts. Her cross-disciplinary, practice-led research is situated at the intersection of graphic design and cultural geography, and is entitled ‘Realising the geo/graphic landscape of the everyday’. Since 2005 Alison’s work has been published and presented both nationally and internationally at conferences and in journals.

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book – raymond williams – media rep.
book – liz mcquistin – who are the cities for?
essay rosslyn doich ??
Designing Information – 
natural world  – cave paintings, pictograms … with no artist framework.
brasil – artists scratching into pollution ?
1910 -20s – psychiatry / freud /darwin / science – order/educate
otto neurath – vienna categorise human function – ISOTYPES
1934 – shut down by germans etc – stats/knowledge/power/info = weapon.
leonardo da vinci
‘once drawn/visualised we have power/info to educate/pass it on’
image above helped abolish slavery – 1890
educate -explain – denounce
2012 london olympics – rubbish
Photography – 
handheld above head [as auto focus etc] – only really new framing.
 Dan Patterson – artist
ambigrames – reversible images.

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