Alison Barnes

Research – Alison Barnes “maps of new basford in Nottingham”

“One of a series of maps produced by Alison Barnes.
In this map Barnes has typographically charted the graffiti in New Basford, Nottingham. The detail shows the nature of the graffiti, tags, and insults displayed street by street in the area.”

“A series of publications made as part of her research.
She used bar and pie charts to designate a range of information relating to the proliferation of graffiti and tagging in each street.”

“All readable instances of graffiti within the area. The graffiti is categorised by subjects that are represented by colours.”

“Maps are an accepted part of everyday life and, for most people, they are simply a graphic representation of space, regardless of whether they deal with road systems, populations, or natural features of the landscape. They become embedded in society as an unquestioned truth, a reality- they have become territory. However, the territory, its inhabitants and their behaviours are inevitably more complex than conventional maps illustrate.”

All quoted from the book “Visual Research:An Introduction to Research Methodologies in Graphic Design By Ian Noble and Russell Bestley.
Then I found quite interesting review about this book.

~ by mrtbrown on November 18, 2011.

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