manifesto version 1


We are NOT street artists or graffiti artists. Although much of our art involves the urban ‘mise-en–scene’.

The fundamentals of our work are;

  • The reclamation of a location’s or individual’s ‘genius – loci’ [a distinctive atmosphere, or the “spirit of the place“, although we will apply it to people too] or its unseen, alternate aesthetic, history or memories.
  • To experiment and misappropriate the images of the ‘spectacle’ [Guy Debord’s theory of the collapse of reality into streams of images, products and activities sanctioned by business, capitalism and bureaucracy].
  • To offer alternative ‘re-representations’ of emotional, consumable, social, psychological, cerebral semiotics and images.

We embrace the post-modernistic values of ‘detournement’, [the often derisive aggregation of the ‘spectacle’s’ visualisations], the beauty and art of the ‘derive’ [drifting through and documenting environments not yet experienced] and the environmental immersion of the ‘flaneur’ [allowing oneself to become organically part of an environment and its inhabitants’ movements and will].

We will emancipate and re-render the memories, images and experiences of the cities and streets [but not exclusively urban conurbations] and those who dwell, work, die and sometimes have time to play in them.

We will use modern technology and techniques to redefine the ‘spectacle’ by using [somewhat paradoxically] many of the same image presentation and manipulation techniques employed and developed for the ‘spectacle’ itself – an uneasy equilibrium of hypocrisy [ironically serving only to empower the power of the ‘spectacle’ further].

We intend to re-assign meaning [sometimes playfully, sometimes aggressively] to the accepted orders of hierarchy, power and legitimacy. We will ‘re-mediate’ the mainstream and current social, political, sensationalist commentary and the pseudo choices of commodity, consumerism and community we are faced with daily.

We will travel [physically or mentally] to our next destination or task using a different route to normal or otherwise expected: following no established signage, disregarding any sense of direction and ONLY navigating using our innate curiosity, desire or chance; rather than necessity or function.

Although our creations will be ‘original’ [in concept and production] nothing ‘in them’ will be ‘new’ to you. It is the approach, order and mode in which we re-present what you will have already seen, experienced, leant, felt or understood that will be the innovation.

We are bourgeois in intelligence, but not part of the intelligentsia, we are not ‘situationists’, ‘futurists’, ‘anarchists’ or ‘surrealists’ but do borrow [plagiarize] some of all of their [and other’s] insights.


Firstly please excuse the slightly irreverent ranting’s above, but as you will appreciate opportunities to write a ‘manifesto’ using the grandiose language and righteous assertiveness of so many art movements gone before was too tempting to refuse.

However please do not dismiss any of the sentiments listed somewhat pretentiously above, as they still accurately portray what ‘Psychogeograhic Art’ could be.

~ by mrtbrown on September 24, 2011.

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