Initial Image Explorations

Initial image explorations – All 4 are mixture of street art and abstract realism – all work in progress

1. Baby

reclaiming the discarded : mattresses and cabinet have been dumped.

reclaimed the scene with abandoned sleeping baby, yet peaceful and clean/guard dog/pictures of family, graffiti image of young girl [mother] walking away.

could also add IKEA style labelling… comment on commercialism, debord’s theory of the spectacle.

Has some political/social connotations.

2. Jump

grafitti eye crying grafitti tears, that turn into real puddle, oblivious young girl plays in it.

again social connotations – metaphor for those housed in it, general abandoning of urban society, being ignored.

3. Dog

graffiti children climbing house, scared of graffiti dog, real child also frightened.

4. Stained glass

unexpected graffiti style. – playing with stereotypes.

~ by mrtbrown on September 21, 2011.

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